Top Questions

What is FundCru?

FundCru is a blockchain-powered fundraising platform that believes commercial interests and supporting causes go hand-in-hand.

FundCru supports e-commerce transactions to provide fundraising campaigns with additional revenue sources, merchants with improved marketing and outreach, and supporters with more ways to help causes and themselves. Our e-commerce transactions comprise sales of gift cards, coupons, and vouchers, all of which are implemented and managed as smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring unprecedented levels of compliance, scalability, and security. This technology does not exist on any other active or proposed application.

Who is our user base?

Our target user base consists of:

  • Fundraisers: Everyday people who create fundraising campaigns
  • Merchants: Businesses who sell goods or services
  • Supporters: Anyone who supports fundraisers by purchasing from merchants or donating directly

What is the difference between "commercial fundraising" and "commercialized fundraising" ?

“Commercial” fundraising occurs when non-profit organizations hire someone to fundraise on their behalf. This practice is usually costly, ineffective, and subject to extensive regulation. FundCru does not engage in this form of fundraising.

FundCru envisions that the ideal form of fundraising is “commercialized” fundraising, where merchants and fundraisers work together to fund and bolster each others’ success.

How and why is blockchain technology used in FundCru?

In order to further the movement towards decentralization and create a reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use currency transaction system, FundCru must work without storing currency nor facilitating currency transfers. As a result, FundCru has developed blockchain-based, QR code-enabled gift cards, coupons, and vouchers using smart contracts based on the Ethereum protocol.

How is FundCru different from existing platforms?

FundCru solves issues that are related to two types of platforms: online fundraising platforms (GoFundMe, Fundly, etc.) and deal sites (Groupon, LivingSocial, etc.)


When does the FundCru token sale start and end?

  • Start: December 5, 2017, 13:00 UTC
  • End: The ICO will end automatically according to the specified conditions. Based on these conditions, the possible end dates range between
    • Earliest: December 5, 2017, after 13:00 UTC
    • Latest: January 18, 2018, 23:59 UTC

Where can I go to participate in the token sale?

The ICO site will be hosted here. (More updates to come).

Are there any minimums for purchases?

The minimum purchase will be 50 FUND (approximately 50 USD).* Purchases of less than 50 FUND will not be accepted.

*Please purchase 50 FUND or more in a single transaction to avoid non-refundable gas expenditures.

How will tokens be distributed?

For each FUND sold, 1 FUND will be issued to FundCru.

What cryptyocurrencies will be accepted during the token sale?


How will funds raised be used?

Product Development: 50%

Marketing: 25%

Operations: 20%

Legal and Administrative Costs: 5%

Business Model

Who can be a fundraiser?

Anyone with a cause in mind, from the coach of local kids’ soccer team or a parent struggling with medical expenses to a multinational nonprofit, can become a fundraiser on FundCru.*

*Subject to FundCru Content Guidelines

Who can be a merchant?

Any legitimate vendor or business can become a merchant*

*Subject to FundCru Content Guidelines

Who can be a supporter?

Anyone who wants to help a cause.

Will fundraisers be charged a platform fee?

No, unlike on other fundraising sites, FundCru fundraisers will not be charged a platform fee.

How will fundraisers, merchants, and FundCru generate revenue?

For selling on FundCru’s site, merchants will be charged a platform fee comprising the total sales price of the produce or service. FundCru will ensure that fundraisers typically receive 25% of this fee and that merchants are compensated at negotiated and highly competitive rates (especially when compared to the 50% provided by other deal sites). Doing so enables FundCru, merchants, and fundraisers to thrive.


Where’s the team?

2118 Walsh Ave
Santa Clara, CA, 95050
United States of America